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I Got a Mechanical Keyboard!

I will now explain in painfully verbose detail the process of selecting, receiving, and using it.

It all started last week when I discovered I had a bit of extra money. I decided to buy something nice for myself, but was faced with another decision: what should it be? I was torn between purchasing a decent processor to replace my Athlon X2 (which was a mistake, by the way. Please never ever ever buy an Athlon X2.), and a mechanical keyboard, which I had wanted for some time.

After careful deliberation, I ultimately settled on a mechanical keyboard. My shrine would sadly need to wait. Now I found myself confronting yet another decision: what keyboard should I buy? I'd had no previous experience with mechanical keyboards. (Well, technically I had, since my last one was mechanical, but hardly. I bought it for like $20, so I didn't expect nor receive much. )

Before the decision on the model was to be made, I first needed to determine which switch type I would prefer.. . .

Minecraft and UUIDs

This post was written for users of my plugin GoldBank. If you're not from its BukkitDev page, you likely don't care and are free to stop reading at any point you desire.

As you may have heard by now, Minecraft will in the very near future support username changes. Since usernames are no longer static, Mojang has implemented a new system for uniquely identifying players: unique identifiers (who would've guessed it?), also known as UUIDs. A UUID is essentially a string consisting of 32 hex characters and four dashes.

This transition presents a problem for many plugin developers, including myself. A plugin of mine called GoldBank is particularly vulnerable, as almost all data stored by the plugin uses usernames (including banks data, bank inventories, wallet inventories, shop. . .


So. It's officially been a year since I started this blog. You'd think by now I'd have a decent method of measuring traffic set up.

I really don't know what I'm going to talk about in this post, but I feel compelled to make it on account of the date. Also, it's been more than a month since my last post, and I'm trying to keep the blog somewhat active. Anyway, exactly one year ago to the day, I made my first post to this website. And it was glorious.

No, not really, I basically just rambled about different programming languages for a while. Shoot. I'm out of things to say, and I'm not even two paragraphs in. Would you be willing to keep reading if I started rambling about programming languages again? Well, I'm going to regardless, because this post is going to be made, damnit!

While this blog was a rather big project, it's only the second-biggest project I've done this past year. Coming in first is my. . .

And so It Began

Back in September of 2011, two of my friends convinced me to try out a game called Minecraft. They then somehow managed to convince me to create a server for us to play on. It was just for us to mess around with, and was never intended to go public. I couldn't even figure out port-forwarding at the time, so we had to use LogMeInHamachi. Within a couple of days, I had figured out how to install plugins using none other than Craftbukkit, so we of course spent a few hours screwing around with WorldEdit. One thing led to another, and next thing we knew, we were planning a date for the server to become open to the public. Thus began my adventures with Minecraft.

Of course, it wasn't a graceful transition from a private server for three friends to a public one open to the world. We hadn't taken any precautionary measures against griefers, and so we logged on the next day to find our spawn covered in lava. We repaired the damage, and since I couldn't figure out who had. . .
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Germany, Woot!

Pfft, I thought a month-plus-some between posts was bad.

Well, here I am in Germany. This may be a bit of a long post, as I have a lot to talk about. Germany is honestly a pretty cool place, and I've only been here for three days. I'm still recovering from jet lag, though it would seem that for me, it manifests in the form of waves of extreme dizziness, like the one I'm getting right now. It's rather annoying, but it hasn't gotten bad to the point where I can't stand. It just sort of messes with my orientation when it does come on, so all I can really do is stop moving until it passes. But, enough complaining for now. Okay, one paragraph more. Then I promise, that's it for the rest of the post.

The other bit of complaining I want to do relates to the jet lag; it's the time difference. The reason I've been dizzy is that I have to wake up at what my brain thinks is 12:30 A.M., whereas locally it's 6:30 (A.M.). It's not too. . .

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